MANLY lemonaid from ORANGES

Check out all the fun details from start to finish in this new custom bar space.  This was the final part of an 11 room project we've done over the last months and a now this homeowner has the best 'Man Cave' ever!


Soup to Nuts Redesign

I'm helping a client of mine redo something in almost every room of their home!  

How did it all start?  Well, they weren't happy with the results from working directly with a contractor and felt they needed someone they could trust to manage the process of the rest of the work they wanted done in their home.  So they called me to design elements in 11 rooms in their home and to oversee 8 contractors to get it all done properly.  You'll see the details of the pics and click 'Continue Reading' below if you'd like to find out WHY someone hires a designer to in this situation.  

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